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About Us

Proud Voices is a group of representatives from LGBT choirs across Asia. We've come together to build upon the relationships between us, share information and support each other. We share so much in common, and want to make new friends, learn from each other's experiences and perhaps visit each other too!

Friendly beginnings

Proud Voices began after the Shining Jazzy Chorus from Beijing and the Pink Singers from London got in touch with a fellow choir in Singapore. We agreed that the community spirit which music creates should to be encouraged, and although we face many barriers here - geographical, cultural, political and linguistic - we are determined to overcome them. Proud Voices is a place for greater mutual understanding of our choirs. Since then many other lesbian, gay, bi and trans choirs in Asia have joined us.

Friendlier faces

LGBT choirs are not always aware of each other's existence, particularly if they are in another country. Even if they are, communication can be hindered by the many languages we speak. Proud Voices seeks to bring the LGBT choirs of Asia together, in a place where our choirs can describe themselves and be translated for better understanding.

Join in the conversation!

If you are in a choir and want to be a part of this group then please contact us.