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Hand in Hand Festival

Hand In Hand Festivals

Past Hand in Hand Festivals

Hand in Hand is Asia's LGBT choral festival. Jointly organized by the choirs of Proud Voices Asia, they are hosted by one of the region's choirs and open to participation by LGBT choirs in Asia and beyond.

In collaboration with Proud Voices Asia, Proud Voices UK and Ireland and Various Voices Dublin, members of G-Major Chorus (and the Beijing Queer Chorus) attended the European LGBT choir festival Various Voices Dublin in 2014. This served as the impetus for G-Major, with the support of Proud Voices Asia, to put on Asia's first Hand in Hand festival in Taipei in 2015. It was the first international gathering of LGBT choirs from across Asia and included representation from China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as singers from Europe and North America.

The festivals currently take place every two years. For the latest updates please follow us on Facebook.